Time a little less private

Anyone having grown up in the sixties or not too far thereafter has heard an older adult tell them, “That is your business, keep it private!” Unfortunately that is not the easiest thing to do anymore, and the digital age has baptized us all in the reality of what happens when we loose our privacy. Stolen digital credit cards, identity theft, and password hackers are a reality we all have to live with and keeping ones personal business private is harder to do now than ever before. And to make matters worse we ourselves are sometimes the biggest culprits in seeing that the world knows our business.

Our computers are like big sponges that never forget a thing we tell them. When we dear diary journal or broadcast on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst, and a host of other private/public forums, our inner most private and personal thoughts become public and for some that is okay, and for those  few who feel there is a sense of privacy since the information is shared only with people they are digital friendly with; think again. There will always be a way someone other than you intended could find a way to read that information! More than one employer has been privy to so called private information that was never meant to be part of a résumé!

The next time you are online shopping don’t be surprised if you check you spam files the next day and find several offers for exactly the same thing you were browsing for the day before. Each site you visited added a cookie to your cyber-shopping spree. Those cookies told the manufactures what you browsed for, where you went on their site and if you bought anything. Then the companies sold the cookie information to anyone interested in you as a potential customer.

We all have a digital profile; a profile that sits like some gelatos tectonic iceberg out there in cyberspace. And not just our shopping habits are aligned to it. So are our searches, what we view on YouTube and literally anything we have ever done digitally, Talk about a permanent record! It is out there for anyone with the time and inclination to go looking for it. To be worried that the NSA is listening to your phone conversations is almost laudable, given corporations are compiling your shopping habits, reading habits, likes and dislikes and don’t forget photographic history you so willing provide for friends and family who innocently tag you and suddenly the whole world knows who you are!

Cloud technology is making the storing of our information easier than ever. Sold as an easy way to store all of your info, it also has the ability to let the info get into the hands of someone not necessarily whom you might want to have it. Few of us would walk up to a stranger on a bus and give him a picture of ourselves, our home address and all of our credit card numbers, but we do it everyday with the cloud! And if you think just by going off the grid and tossing the computer and the smart phone that you will make yourself any less accessible than think again. Soon, a simple walk down the aisle of a grocery store will produce the same information about you to retailers!

That little card you carry in your pocket that the store gave you so you can get a few pennies off artificial margarine and antibiotics as well as gasoline will key off sales in the aisle just for you? ! It will let the store know when and what you bought, what you took off the shelf and put back on and how long you were there. And given how technology is working, before long you won’t even have to show the card. The card will automatically alert scanners upon your entrance to the store!   (More to come)

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