Time to lame duck it up!

So chalk up another State of the Union Speech and the entire politico process that goes along with it. Few will remember what was said, versus the actions of the grown men and women elected to represent us acting like two year olds because their party is not the Presidents.
One would think both parties would be dancing in the aisles trying to take credit for all of the good news this President has been part of ushering in. The stock market is at its highest levels ever. The housing market is again singing the praises of refinancing at a half a percent and all those homeowners that were once underwater everywhere are now solidly back on dry land. The Affordable Care Act despite all its faults is now making insurance available to millions of Americans who could not afford it before!      Even the Republicans have plenty to cheer about having recently taken over both houses of Congress!
But no Virginia there is no Santa Clause for any of these men who are perpetually at odds with each other. Positively acting on behalf of the American people, is now equated with selling gloom and doom and fear to keep the rest of us fully aware we are a heartbeat away from a nut job taking us out with his legally bought and carried AKA-47.
After the President gave his speech none other than four members of various parties including the Tea and Republican Party as well as candidates planning on a run for his office got to respond. All said they could do a better job, but in reality all any of us heard was that to be a good politician you have had to at one time wrapped your feet in bread wrappers to keep them dry! The modern day interpretation of having walked three miles to school in a snowstorm, I am sure.
All of this warm and fuzzy feeling stuff aside; the bottom line is that the Republicans have made opposing anything this President has tried to do their main goal in life. Everyone knows this. So why is he still in appeasement mode? It’s time for this President to step up and take the gloves off.
Flat out, oppose this lunacy of The Keystone Pipeline. Act like the lame duck he is and for once not about the next election! We stand to benefit far less from this potential environmental disaster in waiting than we do any short-term jobs opportunity from the construction jobs it will create? And there is news that not even American Steel will be used to build the pipeline! Tax the rich. As few of them as there are, they can afford it. The minimum wage needs raised and small businesses need supported so they can pay it. Address the issue that the top twenty major corporations of this country have effectively removed themselves with loopholes from the tax roles!
Now is the time for women to receive equal pay for equal work. To focus our national energies on infrastructure rebuilding and to make education a priority not dependent on the price of oil! To begin the re-tweak of The Affordable Care Act to at last address the issues of higher health care costs! And last but not least we need this president to realize that if he doesn’t intend to determine his own legacy, others are more than willing to do it for him!
Bread wrappers on their feet and all!

One thought on “Time to lame duck it up!

  1. Do I sense a Deja Vu’ kind of fatalism in this post?

    What is that compulsion that makes politicians react thus and be unwilling to show up in an authentic manner? Even when they know that the citizenry is able to see through their facade??


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