The Gingerbread Man


We all know about the phenomena of a Teflon President and the honeymoon that most new Presidents have with Congress that first one hundred days in office. But one thing we seem to have never had, at least in recent history, is a Teflon candidate.

Apparently no matter what the scandal, misspeak, or public bungle Donald Trump marches on unscathed and in many cases buoyed by the controversy. As he pulls further ahead of the dwindling pack of certifiable Republicans vying for the nomination, one can only wonder if he should be declared the Gingerbread Man, “you can’t catch me,” by the media and those trying to discover whom this candidate really is.

One of his recent misspeaks would have tanked even the strongest of candidates. Trump insistence that he didn’t know a David Dukes, or what Dukes represents sent every news reporter and teleprompter reader into a frenzy! How could one not know who the leader of the KKK is and expect to be President of the United States? Then later in the day once apprised of who Dukes was and who his potential supporters might soon be, Trump did not jump on the opportunity to say he wanted nothing to do with them! One can only suspect that if it votes and wants to vote for Trump; Trump wants the vote! Hey it’s a free country he would say.

Thus the Republican Party finds itself in a real fix. They actually have what looks to be a viable candidate, but one that in reality owes them no allegiance should he deicide to opt for a position on any issue they disagree with. The idea of a rogue Republican President scares the crap out of them! In a world where both major parties know and control their candidates far more than any of them let on, having a candidate be called his own man is a very scary premise today for a political party!

Even bringing the likes of last elections Republican Presidential candidate out seems not to have affected the Gingerbread Man, despite revealing a litany of Trumps not so spectacular business ventures from a man who in the ideas of the public is a great businessman. Such as; Trump Mortgage, Trump Shuttle, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump World Magazine, Trump Steaks and Trump University! Apparently the very buildings that have Trump’s name on them are not owned by him, but licensed in name only.

Two of the scariest things though regarding this candidate are the way he openly bullies his rivals when they disagree with him and his willingness to sue anyone over just about anything. Trump has said if elected he is going to reopen the libel laws in this country and see if something can be done to reign a press he feels is a little to free!

It remains to be seen what kind of world leader this Gingerbread Man would make. He’s fond of building walls, alienating those who disagree with him and flip flopping around on an issue until he sees what will get him the most voter support. Issue that taken separately might not be so bad, but once combined with the power of the most powerful job in America could be a recipe for a disaster of Trump proportions!




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