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Welcome to the Time Pieces. 299 word short essays on a variety of subjects as varied as free thinking will allow! All only 299 words long. Enjoy the archives and thank you for following and sharing my pieces with your friends... Grantman

The Gingerbread Man

  We all know about the phenomena of a Teflon President and the honeymoon that most new Presidents have with Congress that first one hundred days in office. But one thing we seem to have never had, at least in … Continue reading

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Time making your own headline !

In a recent article in Wired magazine it was pointed out to me that beneath my fingers of this computer I am typing on, there lives a master watchdog. And regardless of my level of personal privacy paranoia there is … Continue reading

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Time to lame duck it up!

So chalk up another State of the Union Speech and the entire politico process that goes along with it. Few will remember what was said, versus the actions of the grown men and women elected to represent us acting like … Continue reading

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