Time leaning against deaths door

I love statistics, especially the quirky ones that karma sends in my direction to see if I am paying attention. That said then you could understand why this Malcolm Gladwell noted statistic in an article for the New Republic cued my interest. “ More Zairians in Kikwit died of diarrhea this spring, than from Ebola!” Okay Jeopardy fans. Five points for knowing the continent that Zairians live on and twenty points if you can find Kikwit on a map! Continue reading “Time leaning against deaths door”

time ticking away to 1/20/09

               So let me get this straight. The President didn’t think the court was fair with Scooter so he commuted the former employee’s sentence. But the convicted felony charge stands and Scooter has to pay the fine and carry a felony conviction with him the rest of his life. Not bad for lying to Congress. But then again he probably wasn’t going to vote Republican anymore; awful hard getting into that voting booth with such a big knife sticking out of your back. He can also return the Chevy Chase SNL video to the library on how to take a fall as well as return his good service Timex watch that up till last year had been taking a good licking but finally quit ticking. 

            To make the week that much more interesting, the Supreme Court not to be outdone, has shown its true colors and headed, “to the right-o big-o time-o” as my Spanish speaking polish neighbor would say. I didn’t mind this courts work so far but wow, they really kicked it up a notch with this set of rulings.  The crème de la crème decision of course being to allow any corporations registered here in the US of A to use shareholder money to advertise against or for the corporations chosen candidates. Think about that for a second. Corporations are multinational. A French company could if it wanted too, weigh in with serious funding in support of a candidate they like. Suddenly your vote just got smaller!   

            As most of you know, corporations are people; they have been since the Supreme Court made them so in the late 1800’s.  Not facsimiles of them, not representatives of them, but actually law abiding, voting, breathing people. It only makes sense they should be able to vote! So what corporation in its right mind is not going to really be looking at exercising its right to speak out now? I mean before they used to have to play both sides of the fence. Supporting both candidates in case the electorate threw a monkey wrench into their boardroom plans.  Well, your opinion is about to get a Madison Avenue pat on the back. I mean after all if you thought campaign funding was out of hand before, allowing boardrooms to vote for their own legislators will make it virtually impossible for anyone to get into government who doesn’t serve the corporations wishes. I’m sure you won’t be swayed by that fancy advertising you are about to see; but advertising works, and any issue placed in the hands of professional ad men can be made to slant anyway they want it to. 


            A candidate properly supported by a company as large as Wall Mart, General Electric, Archer Daniels, or any of the other biggies has got to have a heads-up on the running. And while the rules for who is liable for what might be said are still up in the air, you can bet this first election next year will be a downright free for all at the cash register.    

Time on vacation

           Time, at times has a real mind of its own; especially when it comes to being on vacation. It can slow down, speed up, completely stop and then suddenly in the blink of an eye, do a Harry Houdini and disappear. Unregulated by the norms of everyday rules of be here and do that it can at times seem to have totally lost its sense of propriety. Being one who spends a great deal of time  slicing, dicing, planning and organizing the time of my day, the idea of throwing planning and appointment calendars to the wind can be a very upsetting experience regardless of the need to get away. To make matters worse time on vacation is always running three days later than the person actually on the vacation. How many times have your realized the vacation is half over and you are just finally starting to relax?

            So as you prepare for your time out of the office this year or that trip to see Aunt Martha in Iowa who has the ten cats and sour breath, keep a few things in mind. Time on vacation demands respect, so respect it. While we can prove it tics away at exactly at the same rate second by second, our perception of that movement is different when we are on vacation. I find that if given its own head, time organizes itself into two hour patches for me. Meaning two hours of this and then two hours of that are quite normal and relaxing. Oh to have two hours in a row to do anything in the real world!

But any way, here are some caveats to keep in mind as your prepare for your escape. Nothing can slow time down faster, that a call from the office asking if you forgot to leave the keys and are reminded in your absence that some of the employee would like go to the bathroom while you are gone!  So before you go, make a checklist of some of the things you do without thinking everyday and make sure they are taken care of prior to your departure. An ounce of prevention goes a long way at having happy away time. If at all possible, loose the watch and be vague to only the very necessary where it is you are going and how long you will be gone. Nothing worse than wasting valuable time looking at your watch and going, “Hmmm its Friday I should be in Dithers office for my Friday Ten Am butt chewing!”

             Also remember that your internal clocks are not immune to time changes either. Sure we all know what Jet lag is, but just going from Pittsburgh to Charlotte can have a profound effect on your system. Not to mention they cover everything in syrup! Your body likes knowing dinner is at five; not at seven thirty and good lord, when your feet do not have to hit the deck at six thirty Am, take a deep breath. It is okay, to go back to sleep today. You will be surprised how being on vacation, can be a lot of fun. It could actually turn out to be a good time!