Time leaning against deaths door

I love statistics, especially the quirky ones that karma sends in my direction to see if I am paying attention. That said then you could understand why this Malcolm Gladwell noted statistic in an article for the New Republic cued my interest. “ More Zairians in Kikwit died of diarrhea this spring, than from Ebola!” Okay Jeopardy fans. Five points for knowing the continent that Zairians live on and twenty points if you can find Kikwit on a map! Continue reading “Time leaning against deaths door”

Time of search and seizure

The children’s soccer game was about to start when a group of uniformed darkly clad agents emerged from an unmarked black bus sitting in the school parking lot. The insignia on their uniform identified them as TSA agents (Transportation Security Agents) and with no explanation they milled through the crowd of parents, players and coaches asking for ID, going though purses, handbags and athletic equipment bags. Most in attendance followed directions and complied with their requests, but several people questioned the authority of such searches and surprisingly were detained for further questioning. Two coaches on the opposing team were apparently detained regarding an illegal alien issue, from what those of us who could make out regarding the conversation they were having with the TSA agents. Both eventually were zip tied and placed on the bus.  After the team had left our local police chief announced on the PA system that this kind of security was truly helpful in ridding the community of illegals and potential security threats. On the way home my wife encouraged me to make sure all of our identity papers were in order, in case it happens at the next game. Continue reading “Time of search and seizure”