The Silence Act



As dreams go it was a bad one.

So I find myself returning from of all places; the Olympics. As I am enter the USA at the border, coming back into the country I am detained. It is here that I am informed, that I have been declared; ” Silenced.”

Not having any idea what this means, I hem and haw and say yeah and so what and get my bags and return to home sweet home thinking the whole thing a bit odd, but in this day and age part of the craziness of the world.  A day or so later a construction van shows up in my front yard and plants a tall sign much like you might see signifying a real estate sale. The sign says, ” Silenced.” In small print beneath the word there lists the act of Congress denoting the authority to silence any individuals non supportive of the government and so on and so forth. In big scratchy letting underneath is the name of the President!

Neighbors walking their dogs stop and read the sign then step  over to the other side of the street. My paper boy comes riding his bike with my paper and instead of placing it in the mailbox  just tosses it in the yard and in the wind the paper goes flying apart and spreads all over the place. Suddenly a police car pulls up and the officer gets out; removes a note pad and starts writing down my address. When done after not saying a word he gets in the car and drives off…….  ( it gets worse..)



Time to lame duck it up!

So chalk up another State of the Union Speech and the entire politico process that goes along with it. Few will remember what was said, versus the actions of the grown men and women elected to represent us acting like two year olds because their party is not the Presidents. Continue reading “Time to lame duck it up!”

Time leaning against deaths door

I love statistics, especially the quirky ones that karma sends in my direction to see if I am paying attention. That said then you could understand why this Malcolm Gladwell noted statistic in an article for the New Republic cued my interest. “ More Zairians in Kikwit died of diarrhea this spring, than from Ebola!” Okay Jeopardy fans. Five points for knowing the continent that Zairians live on and twenty points if you can find Kikwit on a map! Continue reading “Time leaning against deaths door”