Time leaning against deaths door

I love statistics, especially the quirky ones that karma sends in my direction to see if I am paying attention. That said then you could understand why this Malcolm Gladwell noted statistic in an article for the New Republic cued my interest. “ More Zairians in Kikwit died of diarrhea this spring, than from Ebola!” Okay Jeopardy fans. Five points for knowing the continent that Zairians live on and twenty points if you can find Kikwit on a map! Continue reading “Time leaning against deaths door”

Time Perfectly legal

I was recently reading “Death of a King,” a book by Travis Smiley on the life and times of Dr Martin Luther King. In it Mr. Smiley references a quote from Dr. King’s  ” A letter from the Birmingham Jail,” speech, which I found very unsettling. The quote stated that everything Adolph Hitler did was legal. Once one digests what that actually meant to those of that time one can begin to appreciate modern societies responsibility to conscientiously govern itself and the importance of doing so with a sense of morality. Continue reading “Time Perfectly legal”