Time to change the conversation

It’s Richard. Not Rick. Can you see the nation at DEFCON ten on the brink of nuclear war and the Joint Chiefs waiting to push the button as soon as they get the go ahead from Rick?   Not that anyone wants to envision that scenario, but one has to wonder could this person really be a serious contender for the highest office in the land or is someone out there just pulling America’s chain, so to speak? Continue reading “Time to change the conversation”

Time between Iraq and a hard place

Going to war with conservative backing is a lot like taking your mother-in- law out to dinner. Oh for sure she wants to go. But when she finds out how much you spent?  You will never hear the end of it.  It cost that much? I could of made the same thing at home for a quarter of that Mr. Money bags! Don’t you like my cooking? You get the jest of it. No one is ever happy. Should we find ourselves going off to war with Iran over their nuclear program, expect the same! Continue reading “Time between Iraq and a hard place”

Time stuck in the middle

The political commotion we call American politics unfolding before our eyes as of late is enough to make even the most politically active among us frustrated and appalled!.  Democrats and Republicans are supposed to circle their camps and only fire salvos of negativity toward each other; the Republicans must not have gotten the memo. Apparently in this age of adversarial politics the shotgun approach to spewing negativity towards one’s opponent leaves every candidate a target. For those who think this is something new, let us not forget, only four years ago Hillary and Barrack were doing the exact same thing that Romney and Gingrich are doing now! Continue reading “Time stuck in the middle”