Time making your own headline !

In a recent article in Wired magazine it was pointed out to me that beneath my fingers of this computer I am typing on, there lives a master watchdog. And regardless of my level of personal privacy paranoia there is no denying someone is always watching and listening. I accept the fact that with the release of every post, someone in the world gains a bit more perspective on the way I am thinking. But the idea that you are always online in someone else’s eyes is scary. Knowing a troll is lurking beneath my fingertips, that if properly awakened with words I type publicly or that my non-published ramblings can one day be presented as relevant information is unnerving. Continue reading “Time making your own headline !”


Time hijacking the health care conversation

In what some might consider the conservative Republican parties greatest achievement this session, the Supreme Court has taken on Obama care. What may turn out to be as big as giving corporations sanctity in the polling place, the highest court in the land has decided to enter the fray on health care. Not so much to determine if it is good or bad coverage, but if it is legal to make you pay for it if you don’t have coverage. The key here being, “make you” pay for it. Continue reading “Time hijacking the health care conversation”

TIme to give till it hurts!

In her recent book, A Governor’s Story, the former governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, sadly stated that she gave tax breaks to company after company to get them to stay in her state. But to no avail, they all left! Tax breaks and incentives cost the taxpayers millions, enabled the companies to finance their move elsewhere and when it was all over, left the city of Detroit with no companies, no jobs and a tax base in worse shape than ever. Continue reading “TIme to give till it hurts!”