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Time a little less private

Anyone having grown up in the sixties or not too far thereafter has heard an older adult tell them, “That is your business, keep it private!” Unfortunately that is not the easiest thing to do anymore, and the digital age has baptized us all in the reality of what happens when we loose our privacy. Stolen digital credit cards, identity theft, and password hackers are a reality we all have to live with and keeping ones personal business private is harder to do now than ever before. And to make matters worse we ourselves are sometimes the biggest culprits in seeing that the world knows our business. Continue reading

Time just reporting the news

 The power of the media to control topic and tone of any conversation regarding news worthy material is something we all need to be aware of. In a world where a tweet can go viral and become the leading story on the national evening news at any time, we all need be to be aware and asking ourselves; where did that story come from? Why is it important and is this an advertisement or news? And most importantly, did we just get the facts or were we just sold someone’s personal opinion! Continue reading

Time tossing a Hail Mary, at insurance costs

For some Americans facing a large hospital or health care bill, the biggest misnomer regarding the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) is that the law in some way could lower their liability now or in the future. The ACA, coming in at roughly 2,700 pages and requiring an additional 20,000 pages of perplexing federal guidelines and regulations of explanations at best creates a new playing field for how insurance companies are to operate, charge and conduct business with ample small print reserved for who is responsible for paying the bill.   Continue reading

Time to fire a few eggheads

Most Republicans would agree that the sooner the American people get over the commotion they created by shutting down the government the better; at least for them. The same political party that led America on the wildest spending spree in the history of modern day finance under the Bush administration suddenly has a new mantra about debt!! That being, it must be brought under control; at any cost. Continue reading